The work of civil society is based on the realities of their communities. If these realities are not incorporated in the work of CSO, the impact of the work will shrink which will ultimately decrease public support and further opportunities for CSOs to work with the communities. See Me Campaign aims to provide an opportunity for Artivists to share their untold stories. Through an online magazine, the ArtLords brought these stories to light and shared some of the best activism activists have to offer humanity in the South Asia region. The stories were collected from across the subcontinent to bring into light the stories of activists, artists, social workers, changemakers, and other inspiring personalities who are bringing big changes through work. ArtLords, in collaboration with the See Me Campaign stories editor, finalized, in the first draft of the magazine, a total of ten (10) stories for online publication. After thorough editing, designing, and revision, ArtLords team updated the magazine during the last week of July 2021. ArtLords Creative Director and Assistant Creative Designer, through a rigorous creative planning and process, designed the magazine with elements/patterns from the South Asia region and that of the Innovation for Change branding guidelines. The stories urge the readers to take a journey to various communities across South Asia where changes are happening. 


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